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Out of the Box - with Toni Bravo

“Out of the Box” with Toni Bravo

artistic director of Diverse Space & Diverse Space Youth Dance Theatre

4 days of Technique classes

accompanied by the creation of a piece

to be performed at Listros Gallery on 17.06.13

FREE WORKSHOPS from 10:00 Uhr – 14:00 Uhr each day

Diverse Space Youth

All Levels Welcome – from beginners to advanced.

13.06 & 14.06

at Caramba tanz & co

Greifswalder Straße 207, 10405 Berlin

Phone:030 22435352


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15.06 & 16.06

at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Wallstraße 32, 10179 Berlin

Phone:030 28041966

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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IdeoKinesis – Dance/Theatre – Contemporary – Ballet – Modern Dance Classes

Ms. Bravo’s Dance techniques are a beautiful combination of strengthening and exploration sequences, which will grant dancers the mastery of weight, momentum, and space awareness, the necessary ingredients for thorough corporeal expression. All of her pedagogical theories derive from: the Laban Movement Analysis, the Gardner model of multiple intelligences, and Body Sculpting method. She applies each of these systems to classical and contemporary techniques resulting in rich, fluid and articulate mobility and expression.

Bravo’s technique also integrates some of the latest currents in Deep Muscle Release and strengthening as well as Neuromuscular path building studies, which promote vast increase in range of movement and a powerful awareness of motion as a performance idiom.

Some of the topics included in Bravo’s IdeoKinesis classes are:

• Kinesthetic awareness

• Movement Initiation and trajectory

• Full resolution

• Internal logic

• Specificity of path

• Spatial Goal and Space Harmony

• Space pull

• Spirals and other three dimensional relationships

• Muscular intent and strengthening

• Awareness and full involvement

• Rhythmic and flow awareness

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Toni Bravo & Diverse Space Youth Dance Theatre Performance in Berlin

Out of the Box _Performance

Join us on Monday June 17th, 2013 at Listros Galerie at 19Uhr when Toni Bravo and Diverse Space Youth Dancetheatre will offer a free performance at the Listros Gallery. In addition to Toni doing a solo performance, the company will do “One + One + One +….” and “The Dream” A special premier of a new group work created during Bravo’s “Out of the Box” Workshop in Berlin will accent this special evening. This premiere of the new piece will include images inspired by Listros Gallery and Program. The overall theme of the evening is “Passing on strength, courage, and passion.”


Kurfürstenstr. 33

10785 Berlin

Tel: (030) 3259 1220

Berlin “Out of the Box”

A rare opportunity for Berlin is coming. Internationally renowned Toni Bravo is returning to collaborate with recent local Berliner, Russ Smith, a media artist and producer from the states. She will share what she calls “the gift that my dance teachers bestowed on me” Gifts from from Pina Bausch, Carlos Maganion (Mexico) Anita Dyche (USA), John Field (UK). Christine Kono, Hans Zulig and Jean Cébron (DE). In addition to these gifts she will share some of her amazing unique research based techniques.

In the 1980’s while pursuing a Ph.D. in Theatre and Dance she went to study with Pina Bausch and her company in Wuppertal, but after a while they convinced her to more directly peruse a creative life by dropping out of school and Dancing and Choreographing! Bravo then complemented the gift of dance with a great length of research. Her research includes concepts of movement analysis, ideo-kinesis, anatomy and neuro physiology of movement, and theatrical practices from around the planet. She also shares a passion teaching curriculum to children through movement and all the lovely things that dance can do for the body and for the mind.

Out of the Box” Is a project that will culminate in a performance at Berlin’s unique LISTROS Galerie and will follow 4 free workshops offered in Berlin. This will include dance and dancetheatre performed solo and with Diverse Space Youth Danctheatre, (a Texas based company under Bravo’s direction) and one choreography created during the workshops in collaboration with Berliners who participate in these residency classes and will be conducted by Bravo. “Out of the Box” works presented are inspired by LISTROS Galerie’s mission and the dream of growth and unity that young people often share everywhere. The themes are loss, innocence and the possibilities of not being in conformity, but rather in solidarity with those who cross our path.

Free Performance at LISTROS Galerie on Monday june 17th at 19:00Uhr

4 Free mid-day workshops (10:00-14:00Uhr)

Thursday-Friday 13 & 14th of June at Caramba tanz & co

Saturday & Sunday 15-16th at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

All Levels Welcome – from beginners to advanced

Kurfürstenstr. 33, 10785 Berlin

Tel: (030) 3259 1220

Caramba tanz & co

Greifswalder Straße 207, 10405 Berlin

Phone:030 22435352

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Wallstraße 32, 10179 Berlin

Phone:030 28041966

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