The Quarantined Film Project

There is no denying that these times are intense and challenging. We  are documenting the personal and communal impacts of this pandemic crisis from a scientific, social, emotional and over all humanitarian perspective.

In these rapidly changing  times traditional film making is not possible without extensive resources to protect the film crews and the population in order to gain access to day to day voices.  So at this phase of the film making process we are attempting to document your important perspectives, thoughts, feelings, and experiences on this truly global story through the use of common modern technology. As we have seen in media in recent years much of the world is greatly versed in the use of a cell phone to record images and expressing ones own voice. We want to hear yours as we look at the collective story that is unfolding before us all. From the collection of all of our voices a picture is painted that has never before seen. This is the Quarantined Film Project.


How do you feel?

What do you think?

What are you experiencing?

What do you want to say to the world?


This is how you can get involved:

Some stories people tell are desperate, some are celebratory, some are helpful, informative and caring, some are even funny, some are panicked, some are merely questions to the world. What is yours?

We are assembling a film of your messages to the world.

It can be a short one time video clip from a cell phone or from any camera you want or even a series of clips over time. Whatever YOU want to say to the world.  (ANY LANGUAGE IS OK, Including Sign Languages)

Please send all links of your clips you want to share with the world to:


( try https://www.wesendit.com/ or  https://www.hightail.com/  both are good services for sending larger files  – but there are many options)
Please include, Names, Locations and Dates of recording. A brief statement of permission for ChocolateMedia.de to use the clip would also be smart to include. This will allow us to get it out to the world.

Please note that by sending us your clips you are giving us complete and comprehensive permission and publishing rights to include your digital media and content in our documentary film. All content used will be done so with respect. Also please note that due to the large numbers of clips being shared not all clips will be used in the final film. 


Thanks and we look forward to getting your voice out to the world! 

We hope you stay Safe & Healthy!

– Production Team at ChocolateMedia.de